“Dogfight” Leaving Soon!

Don’t miss the best musical of the season: Dogfight at San Francisco Playhouse in their beautiful and historic Post Street theater just off Union Square.  Forget the movie you saw years ago by the same name.  This is way better: beautiful voices telling a touching love story that crosses the great cultural divide of San Francisco in the 1960s.


Use the code DOGFIGHT5 for $5 off when you order tickets online.

Another SCORE for SF Playhouse

The neighborhood got to bring and share bottles of our favorite wines while we heard free readings of local playwright Aaron Loeb’s Ideation in draft form.  It takes guts and artistic commitment for SF Playhouse to sponsor World Premier performances from first readings through final polished production, but hey, it pays off! Now our very own San Francisco gem is headed to New York City.  So which coast is winning? Go west, young playwrights.

Read more about the New York performances.

Click here for tickets and information about the latest offering from SF Playhouse: Trouble Cometh.


Play-Reading Series at SF Playhouse

Tomorrow, Monday, January 6th at 7pm

Free Play Reading at San Francisco Playhouse
450 Post Street, just off Union Square in San Francisco

SCHOONER, by Rinne Groff, Directed by Marissa Wolf

Featuring: Karen Grassle, Carrie Paff, and Mark Anderson Phillips

Susi and Bill, SF Playhouse

Bill English & Susi Damilano of SF Playhouse

How cool is this:  San Francisco Playhouse has created a reading series so we theatre-lovers can witness the play-development process.  Truth be known, some of the “readings” they sponsor for new plays are more exciting than the fancy finished productions in other theaters.  Bring a bottle of wine to share, and bring a friend who will thank you for it.

All for FREE.

In this new comedy by Rinne Groff, Melissa is a successful businesswoman while her husband, Eric, is a struggling graphic-artist/stay-at-home-father. In the midst of deciding whether or not to have a third child, this couple must also contend with Melissa’s mother who has just moved in with them and Melissa’s father who may be lost at sea.

Monday, January 6th at 7pm
SF Playhouse, 450 Post Street, just off Union Square in San Francisco

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Thriller at the Shelton

Gotta love that SF Playhouse for producing world-class plays from award-winning authors (like Bengal Tiger now its final three hard-hitting performances) while fostering new works in their Sandbox series, like Ideation, previewing tonight.  And it’s all local talent – unlike theaters like the Golden Gate that bring-in tour groups.  Want to get inspired by intimate theater?  Get a season subscription to SF Playhouse.

Celebrating BART at SF Playhouse

Susi and Bill, SF Playhouse

Bill English (R) directs "Bengal Tiger"

So we’re all really, really happy to see the BART strike end and smooth transportation restored to your fair city, but only SF Playhouse has turned it into an entertainment bargain.  Celebrate with 25% off theater tickets purchased before this Friday using the code BART25 and get a surreal look at the Middle East with Rajiv Joseph’s Pulitzer Prize finalist, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

“It’s funny. It’s poignant… A succession of gripping moments”.  -SF Chronicle

Magical World at SF Playhouse

Susi and Bill, SF Playhouse

Susi Damilano & Bill English, Founders of The SF Playhouse

Get on down to the Post Street theater for some summertime magic at SF Playhouse’s new take on Camelot.  It’s been a tough year; you deserve gorgeous entertainment.

And all you San Franciscans, don’t forget that Susi and Bill are good neighbors, so let’s show our thanks and support!  It’s because of people like them that San Francisco feels like Camelot to a lot of us.

Cheaper-than-Therapy Theater

Reasons to be PrettyDon’t know how to suggest that taking a communication class might help your SOB boyfriend?  Buy cheaper-than-therapy tickets to The San Francisco Playhouse Reasons to Be Pretty, by Neil Labute.  Just when you’re laughing your head off at the four onstage surface-skimmers, director Susi Damilano zaps a shot of hope into the seeming cluelessness.

The San Francisco Playhouse box office: 415-677-9596 or www.sfplayhouse.org

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