Nesting Time

Shout out to Ms. Lilac for the great photo-documenting of Great Blue Herons building their nest at the Palace of Fine Arts.  In about a month, get out your binoculars and telescopes to search for baby birds.  And in another couple of months, you might be lucky enough to spot the first flights of the baby birds!  Admiring from afar is the name of the bird-watching game.

Oh, and if you’ve recently been driven to organize your CDs and mop under the couch, you can sympathize with the heron urge.

Click to learn more about herons.

Wild and Free in San Francisco

Alert photographer Ron LeValley caught a couple of parrots resting near Telegraph Hill. No, they aren’t all gone, invasive as the San Francisco supervisors may think they are.  Don’t ya think it’s awesome that tropical-blooded creatures can live free in our wild city?

A must-see is the now old documentary Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.