The Giants are BACK by the Bay

Photographer Ron LeValley captured 2 Giants fans in McCovey Cove. The gull wants hot dogs and Cracker Jacks.

Kudos to SF Giants fan/photographer Ron LeValley for capturing one of the many creative ways San Franciscans find to get first-hand reports during home games! Our guys are back in AT&T Park-by-the-Bay  April 8-17.

It’s called McCovey Cove, the destination of numerous boat companies, picnic sails, and private tugs to be close to the game and hear it live bayside.

Click for an example of Giants games boat tours.

Click for San Francisco Giants schedule.

THE big-game sport


The tiny dark speck center-top of this wave is Shane Desmond in the final heat of 2010 Mavericks.

The call has gone out:  Only 2 days for surfing champs from around the world to get their bods and boards to that sweet little town with the 30-foot waves an hour south of San Francisco for the awesome Maverick’s Invitational Big Wave Surfing Championship. Normally you don’t need to leave San Francisco’s Theater District to get big thrills, but Mavericks, it’s legend.

Word is that they’re selling viewing tickets for Friday’s all-day event from the mavericksinvitational website, with some viewing areas very reasonably priced.  Hopefully the new viewing areas fix previous years’ free-for-all spectator mania that cause injuries among landlubbers who apparently didn’t know that a “big wave” competition would have, well, big waves.  Bring binoculars or telescopes or whatever and stand waaaaay the heck back.

Speaking of Northern California sports:  Is it just me, or did other San Franciscans see some bad calls by refs in Seattle?  Anyway, kudos to our SF 49ers for a game well played.  You guys really gave it up for the Gipper and kept us on the edge of our seats — all we San Franciscans expect.  Thanks.

Clogged Downtown

So why is it that our fair city would organize major road work around downtown San Francisco on a weekend during a BART strike with the Nike Women’s Marathon scheduled to start with around 50,000 people running out of Union Square?  Poor planning? Check the course map before you leave home today, and take MUNI anywhere you’re going!


Of Motion, Boats, and Water

Ron LeValley captured the Swedish entry in the America's Cup as it whizzed by Alcatraz

See the Impressionists on the Water exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, and you’ll catch the disease that shipbuilders and artists share:  a fascination with the beauty of boats. In San Francisco you can see boats rocking lazily at the wharf or see them race on the Bay, sometimes airborne.  If you want just a tiny taste of the sea, sail away on one of the Bay cruises from Pier 39.

SF Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds

Barry ZitoIt’s a fun summer night out at the ballpark as the Giants finish off a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds, says, which is offering lower box seats for the July 24 game at reduced prices. Woo hoo!  Get out your orange and black hats, San Francisco.

July 24: SF Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds, and The Giants are right in the thick of the NL West playoff race, thanks to the hitting heroics of Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval, and pitching prowess of Madison Bumgarner. They’re a formidable team, but they face tough opposition in the Reds, who are fielding one of baseball’s best teams, led by former National League MVP Joey Votto.

49ers in their City

The song says, “If you’re going to San Francisco, you better wear some flowers in your hair.”  OK, yeah flowers, especially to the Year of the Snake flower show in Chinatown, but they better be red today.  Go 49ers! If you’re a 49er Faithfulista, get some of that official red while you’re in Chinatown.  Then grab a friend, catch the San Francisco 49ers on a big screen today.  Yelling your head off over a brew is good therapy.

Click for the SF Chronicle’s article on where to watch the Superbowl in San Francisco.