SF’s Flower Power Pianos

All you closet pianists, get out to the SF Botanical Garden in GG Park before July 20th and sit down at one of the twelve “Flower Pianos” and play a tune for the passers-by!


Or hear one of the scheduled pianists this Saturday:


Yerba Buena this June

Parangal Dance

Parangal Dance Company Image by RJ Muna

FREE admission at YBCA gallery today. And check-out the varied performance schedule with jazz, dance, acting workshops and more.  Travel around the world while sitting in your seats at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.

Click here to purchase tickets to the SF Ethnic Dance Festival.


The Luck of the Green be with Ye

Thinking of crossing Market Street tomorrow in a car for any reason?  No no, don’t do it!  It’s the annual Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Parade starting at 11:30 from 2nd and straight down Market — well, maybe a little more crooked than straight, but that’s why we love San Francisco, right?  Other festivities begin tonight and go through Monday, with writers and music and beer, oh my!

See the Examiner’s article for a full list of activities:  http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/plenty-of-ways-to-go-green-on-st-patricks-day/Content?oid=2731805

Then get out there and eat some corned beef and cabbage.

SF Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MLKOh, and don’t forget to check-out the new improved waterfall at Yerba Buena Park, where a tribute to MLK is worth a little spray under the falls.

San Francisco celebrated the forever awesome accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The parade is a local favorite — unless you’re trying to drive from the CalTrain Station to Yerba Buena Garden around 11am.  Actually, just don’t do it.  Walk the route.  It’s only a little over a mile.  Everyone partied hearty all afternoon at Yerba Buena Garden with music and inspiration galore.

Click for the SF MLK parade route, beginning Monday, January 19, 11am.

Click for the official SF MLK website.

Click for a full Bay Area schedule of 2014 MLK festivities.

Chanticleer’s Music Video Contest

ChanticleerLet your inner diva shine!  T’would be grand if your friends and family entered Chanticleer’s music video contest to win a free trip to San Francisco, right?  Learn more details here:

And don’t miss Chanticleer’s Christmas performances Dec. 15 & 22 at St. Ignatius Church, 650 Parker Ave. in San Francisco.  Click here to buy tickets from City Box Office.

Wild Sounds on Common Objects

Slip your ear drums into some new sounds surrounded by performance art tonight:

Music for People & Thingamajigs at 8pm tonight, Oct. 12, at the Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell (btw Sutter/Bush) in San Francisco.  http://meridiangallery.org/calendar/

See one of Tim Phillips’s original found-object instruments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t626wnf2KLg&list=UUk0b0Cd_ly2g6K4uuM-yB

Celebrate Fall Equinox

A real Harvest Moon (the last full moon before the Autumnal Equinox) peeks into some lucky fogless San Francisco neighborhoods.  Now’s the time to think about how to celebrate the passing of summer into the official start of a new season:

  • Sing the ancient Vak goddess song with Ann Dyer at the Forum at YBCA.

Vak: Song of Becoming
Fri-Sat, Sep 20-21, 8 PM
YBCA Forum, 710 Mission Street in San Francisco
General: $30 in Advance / $35 at the Door
Student, Senior, Teacher: $25 in Advance / $30 at the Door
YBCA listing and tickets: http://www.ybca.org/ann-dyer

  • Meditate on world peace.  Why not?  Can’t hurt, might help.  Because the earth does not tilt toward or away from the sun during an equinox, the length of the day is the same on all parts of the earth.  It’s a small point of unity starting at 8:44pm, to be exact.  See Wikipedia on Autumnal Equinox.

Swing in the Square

St. Francis Hotel at Union SquareLose yourself in the crowd or stand out in all your glory. Your choice, but you no longer have an excuse not to dance in San Francisco.  Check out the FREE dance lessons and live music series in Union Square

Swing in the Square with The Rumble Strippers
Wednesday, Aug. 28
6pm – 8pm

Tango in the Square with Redwood Tango Ensemble
Sunday, Sept. 1
2pm – 4pm
Salsa in the Square with Los Boleros
Wednesday, Sept. 4
6pm – 8pm


How Weird on Howard

OMG, there have never been so many tutus on Howard Street!  And dance music and great food.  Get on down to Howard Street and 2nd for the How Weird Street Fair until 8:00 tonight. 

All you young creative types, grab an old Hippie for elbow adornment, because those folks were the original Weird.  Or was it the Beatniks?

Anyway, it’s a grand party in the streets for all of us San Franciscans with a loooooong history of nonconformity.


Oh, and forget about driving in the Financial District until Monday morning.